Jason Whitlock Blasts Colin Kaepernick And The Liberal Sports Media

Ford Springer | Reporter

Fox Sports “Speak For Yourself” host Jason Whitlock is not one to hold back.

In an interview with Sporting News published Wednesday, Whitlock discussed a variety of things ranging from his former work at ESPN to his stance on NBA players resting in the regular season, but mostly he went off on the liberal sports media and Colin Kaepernick.

Not only has sportswriting moved to the left, but the “entire media has moved far left,” Whitlock says. Back in the day, the media used to cater to the New York market, but ever since social media came along and journalists became obsessed with getting their content to go viral, they’ve been catering to Silicon Valley, in his opinion. Or, as Whitlock calls it “the hub for revolutionary, far-left extremism.”

In addition to criticizing the left-wing sports media, Whitlock also reinforced his argument on Colin Kaepernick and explained exactly why he’s not on an NFL team anymore.

“Kap isn’t on a team right now because he’s delusional about his standing in the league. He wants too much money and a chance to start. Malcolm Jenkins raised a black fist all season. He’s still in the league. Kap is a backup quarterback who only fits one system. Chip Kelly used that system and won one game with Kap last year. Kelly got fired. Coaches don’t like getting fired. Kap can get you fired,” Whitlock said.

Kaepernick’s whole protest wouldn’t have been such a big deal if it weren’t for the liberal media perpetuating it, Whitlock says.

“Kap is an important pawn in the far-left movement to change sports culture. I’ve angered the far left by pointing out that Kap has some understandable identity issues based on his unique upbringing and a society that is brutally harsh on mixed-race people. Kap is not a thought leader on race or even informed about the issues. He was a guy who liked to kick it, lift weights and be a celebrity quarterback. The Niners benched him and he became a militant activist, which made him attractive to the far-left movement,” Whitlock argues.

“The far left wants to control the conversation about black quarterbacks. Quarterback is the most important position in all of American sports,” he continued. “Far-left political ideologues want to reshape sports culture to their liking. Sports culture has long had a major impact on American culture. The values taught and celebrated in sports are conservative. The far left wants to change that. They want sports to have a liberal impact.”

That’s a large part of the reason Whitlock and Fox Sports 1 have been successful as an alternative to ESPN. But Whitlock isn’t a staunch conservative and he believes even Fox leans left, just a little less than ESPN does.

“You gotta remember I’ve written for The Huffington Post,” Whitlock said. “I’ve written extensively, before it was popular, about the ills of mass incarceration and President Reagan’s drug war. I’m not a fan of the NRA. And I’m the alleged flaming right-winger at FS1? That probably tells you how left things are at FS1.”

“I think we’re the alternative for sports fans who respect and like traditional sports values,” he continued. “I think we’re the alternative for people who want to hear authentic conversation and debate rather than words crafted for Twitter applause. I think we’re the alternative for middle America, blue-collar sports fans. I think we’re the alternative for people who don’t think every misspoken word is a fireable offense. ESPN caters to the elite, safe-space crowd. We cater to the people who love to tailgate and knock down a six-pack.”

Ford Springer



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