Susan Sarandon: Trump’s Terrible, ‘It’s Like He’s Playing President’

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Susan Sarandon slammed President Donald Trump on Wednesday calling him “terrible” and suggested it was “like he’s playing president” rather than leading.

During her appearance on “The View,” the 70-year-old actress said after the election she had to change her phone number because of the Hillary Clinton supporters blowing up her phone after she refused to give her support to the Democratic presidential nominee. (RELATED: Susan Sarandon: Clinton Is More Dangerous Than Trump [VIDEO])


“I had to change my phone number,” Sarandon told the ladies on the panel. “Oh the Hillary people…’Are you happy now.'”  (RELATED: Susan Sarandon: Hillary Will Cause World War 3)

Co-host Joy Behar then asked her how she thought Trump was doing as president.

“Oh, he’s terrible,” Sarandon responded. “But this is the thing about Trump, besides the fact that it’s a heyday for comedians. It’s going to take a little while to understand, he doesn’t have a follow through this guy.”

“He likes signing the bill…it’s like he’s playing president,” she added. “But he doesn’t know the ramifications sometimes, he hasn’t thought it through.”

During the election Sarandon took a lot of heat from those on the left for supporting Jill Stein instead of Clinton in the general election. Sarandon said in an interview before the election that Clinton was more dangerous than Trump.

Katie Jerkovich



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