Watch John Daly Crush A Drive Off A Beer Can Then Immediately Chug The Beer

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Legendary golfer John Daly is still crushing the ball off the tee and drinking beers, in that order.

Daly is well known for his powerful driving ability, but he’s probably better known for his partying. The former pro golfer hasn’t been on tour for a while, but he’s still doing his thing and his latest video is all the proof you need.

The 50-year-old golfer did a bit of drinking on the course while playing at a fundraiser down in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina earlier this week. At one point during his round, Daly decided he didn’t need a tee and placed his ball atop the beer he was drinking instead.

Daly, who was also barefoot and smoking a cigarette, didn’t waste much time following his ball flight after driving straight of the beer can. He quickly realized that his beer had fallen over and didn’t want to waste it so he promptly picked it up and chugged the entire thing before the fans surrounding the tee box.

John Daly doesn’t disappoint.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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