Katie Couric Gets Asked If There’s A Feud Between Megyn Kelly And Tamron Hall — Her Answer

Smoke Room Staff | Contributor

Katie Couric said she thinks the rumors that Tamron Hall left NBC News because the network hired Megyn Kelly are overblown.

“I haven’t talked to Tamron,” Couric said when asked about the alleged drama between the two women on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Monday night. “I don’t know Tamron very well. I do know Megyn a bit, and unfortunately I think people some times turn morning shows into soap operas that they’re not because they feel so intimately connected to the people on the show.”

“They feel like they are members of their family, and they get very territorial and proprietary about it, and they read things into relationships. So, you know, I think it will all work out and I think the show is great and I wish Tamron well, but I’m just not getting involved in the drama of it all.”


Smoke Room Staff



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