Pamela Anderson Pens A Bizarre Poem About Her ‘Special Relationship’ With Julian Assange

Ford Springer | Reporter

Pamela Anderson has opened up about her relationship with Julian Assange with a lengthy poem in which she also offers advice to Trump regarding the United States’ special relationship with the United Kingdom.

Anderson is rumored to be dating the WikiLeaks founder and has been visiting him regularly at the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he is taking refuge to avoid prosecution from sexual assault allegations against him in Sweden. (RELATED: Pamela Anderson To ‘Start Campaigning’ For Men Falsely Accused Of Rape)

(Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images)

Pamela Anderson delivers lunch to Julian Assange at Embassy of Ecuador in London, England. (Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images)

Anderson mentions her “special relationship” with Assange several times in the bizarre poem she shared on her website on Monday. But mostly, Anderson offers her take on the special relationship between President Trump and the US with Prime Minister Theresa May and the UK.

“I may have some advice for Trump and May on special relationships–based on my own special relationship with Julian Assange,” Anderson began.

“It is a romantic struggle,” she wrote. “Things that the USA and UK bring to the relationship are Bad secrecy laws. Keeping Julian illegally detained. Hating transparency and Bombing countries.”

“It is dysfunctional and unequal, this relationship to date,” Anderson continued. “I wish to help them improve it, and make it work.”

Picture by: Splash News

(Photo credit: Splash News)

Anderson applies “common sense relationship advice” in the recommendations she presents to the US and UK in her poem calling for peace in the Middle East and an end to espionage and secrecy laws.

“I can’t help but think romantically. That is where my compass lays. In love and compassion,” Anderson wrote.

“We must not forget how to make love… But, war,” she added. “No more war! And no walls! (around countries or embassies). I will stay relentlessly engaged. Like it or not,” she concluded.

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