TMZ’s Harvey Levin Opens Up About His Meeting With President Trump

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

TMZ’s Harvey Levin opened up about his meeting with President Donald Trump during a panel discussion at the National Association of Broadcasters conference.

On Monday, at the conference held in Las Vegas, Levin said he wasn’t afraid to talk to Trump about issues they might disagree on when the two met last month at the White House and questioned people who have decided to “boycott” Trump because they disagree with him. (RELATED: Trump Meets With TMZ’s Harvey Levin)


“It is hilarious to me and kind of sad, that I was in the waiting room of the West Wing for a half hour before I walked in there,” Levin recounted. “And probably saw a hundred people including reporters. So, nothing happened until a week later and then people were furious that I got in there.” (RELATED: Hollywood Freaks Out Over Trump’s Revised Travel Ban)

“And I will say that since Trump’s spokesperson said it, ‘I talked to him about a project,'” he added. “I did talk to him about a project, but we talked about other stuff too. What I find unbelievable is the bullying in traditional media.”

He added that after he, Kanye West and Steve Harvey went to meet to Trump they got trashed in traditional media.

“I guess the solution is no one should see Trump and it should be a boycott,” he continued. “That is so stupid. Look I disagree with some of the stuff he does and believes. And I went in there and I voiced an opinion on some things and why would you not get in that game.”

“If you disagree the solution is to boycott?” Levin asked. “I mean the guy has already shown in the last three weeks he’s changed his mind on five things.”

Sources close to Levin told The New York Times that he spoke with the president about another possible sit-down interview for his Fox News series “Objectified.” The series is expected to debut in September and will be a show that interviews celebrities who explain and talk about their most memorable items in their homes.

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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