This Model Just Joked About Her Lack Of Clothing In Her Instagram Photos

Ford Springer | Reporter

Hailee Keanna Lautenbach’s Instagram is loaded with bikini photos. But, unlike most models, she’s very self-aware about it and even made fun of herself for the lack of clothing she’s seen in on the social media app.

“My Instagram is turning back into 2012 when all I posted was bikinis,” Hailee said, “but it’s not my fault I’m always in sunny weather maybe I should move to Alaska to make Dad happy.”

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The 22-year-old brunette is probably best known for her modeling, but she’s also acted in several movies over the past few years, including “Thanks for Trying” and “Hands of Time.” (RELATED: This Model Celebrated 4/20 Eating Pizza In Her Underwear)

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She also happens to have a great Instagram account, if you couldn’t tell by her own admission. Take a look for yourself.


Ford Springer



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