Rugby Player Knocks Ref Unconscious With Punch To The Jaw

Kyle Morel | Contributor

While rugby is generally considered to be a violent sport, referees are normally safe from harm.

This was not the case in a French league game last week, as an unidentified player from Saint-Esteve expressed his frustration with a call by slugging referee Benjamin Casty in the face.

Apparently not satisfied with just one punch, the player then attempted to fight several members of the opposing team who rushed in to intervene. After a wild flurry of attempted punches, he was eventually subdued by the other players.

Casty was immediately taken to the hospital following the incident. According to The Independent, he is recovering from facial injuries but managed to avoid a broken jaw.

Meanwhile, many are calling for a lifetime ban for the offending player, who had been suspended four games earlier in the season for a separate incident. Marc Palanques, president of the French Rugby League Federation, wants the player to be severely punished for his antics.

“I hope that the National Disciplinary Commission, who will meet on Wednesday, will be uncompromising,” Palanques said.

Kyle Morel



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