Alicia Keys To Quit ‘The Voice’ After Saying Blake Shelton ‘Rigged’ The Show

Ford Springer | Contributor

Alicia Keys has announced that she will be leaving “The Voice” at the conclusion of the hit show’s twelfth season after getting into a “backstage brawl” with Gwen Stefani and saying that fellow coach Blake Shelton “rigged” the show.

“Who knows what the future holds, but I know this one is my final season,” Keys told TV Insider last week.

Keys just joined “The Voice” last spring and has apparently had some minor issues with both Shelton and Gwen Stefani during her time there. The 36-year-old singer didn’t state exactly why she was leaving the show, but she has jokingly complained about Shelton’s dominance as a coach and allegedly got into a “backstage brawl” with Gwen Stefani at one point, the Inquisitr reports.

“I’m a little pissed off at Blake,” Keys said on “The Ellen Show” before season 12 began, complaining about how his contestants have won the reality competition five times.

“I’m just sick of Blake, you know what I mean? Apparently he just thinks he’s like Mister I win-all-of-them and all this. I told him this game must be rigged,” Keys told DeGeneres. “Somebody else needs to start winning this game or people are gonna think Blake is over there paying somebody.”

As far as the issues between Keys and Stefani, an insider has claimed the two “never really liked each other,” adding that they “have been in competition for most of their lives” musically, and working on the show together led to some problems.

Despite Alicia, Gwen and Blake’s apparent issues, the real reason Keys is leaving could be due to the emotions of the elimination round. That’s when she has to deal with the reality of her contestants losing the competition.

“Every Tuesday I want to quit,” Keys revealed. “I’m distraught.”

Whether she’s holding back on airing out some of the other issues is not clear, but Keys added that she’s “excited” for her time on the show to end saying, “it’s like a finale for me.”

Ford Springer



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