This Playboy Model Managed To Piss Off An Entire Country With One Photo

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Jaylene Cook climbed a mountain in New Zealand and did what any self-respecting Playmate would do after accomplishing such a feat — posted a nude photo on Instagram.

The 25-year-old model and her boyfriend, Josh Shaw, climbed to the summit of Mt. Taranaki on the the sacred Maori mountain where Cook decided to strip down for a scenic shot and locals are upset over the “disrespectful” photo, The Sun reports.

“This was BY FAR the hardest thing I have ever done both mentally and physically,” Cook said in the caption.

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“2 minutes out of the car park I was already hurting, sweating and ready to turn back,” she continued. “But it’s amazing what you can accomplish with the encouragement and support of your partner! I could not have done this without you babe,” Cook wrote, tagging Shaw in the post.

Dennis Ngawhare, an academic on the subject of the mountain, accepts that “people climb to the summit,” but added that Kiwis expect that “people be respectful.”

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Ngawhare considered Cook’s photo to be “culturally insensitive” and said that it’s “not what I would expect someone to do on the summit of Mt Taranaki.”

The playboy didn’t consider the photo to be “crude or explicit in any way,” though. “We made ourselves knowledgeable on the history of the mountain. We were quite respectful.”

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“Being nude is not something that is offensive in any way. It’s natural and pure and it’s about freedom and empowerment,” she added.

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