Tomi Lahren Tells Playboy She’s Both Anti-Abortion And Pro-Choice

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Tomi Lahren said she is both anti-abortion and pro-choice during an interview with Playboy magazine Tuesday.

“I don’t think it’s a black-and-white issue. I don’t know where I fall on that, I really don’t,” Lahren said when asked if she thinks that abortion is murder. (RELATED: The Blaze Suspends Tomi Lahren)

Tomi Lahren

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“I can’t look at somebody who’s gone through rape or incest, and because they believe they should have an abortion, I can’t look at them as a ‘baby killer,'” the former Blaze commentator added. “I believe we have to approach these issues with compassion and understanding and try to help people. I’m anti-abortion. But I’m pro-choice because I don’t believe the government does most things well, in the same way that I don’t believe a gun-free zone or a weapons ban is going to limit violence.”

“I also don’t believe government-restricted abortion is going to lessen abortion,” she continued. “It’s going to make it less safe and more dangerous for the mother and the baby, which is why I take the position that I’m pro-choice. But personally, I’m anti-abortion.”

The former host also defended calling Lena Dunham a “baby-killer” after the actress said last year that she wished she could “have had an abortion.”

“If you’re saying ‘I wish I could have had an abortion,’ you are a baby killer,” Lahren explained. “People have been twisting this around and saying I’m a hypocrite, which makes me so mad. What I said is you have to acknowledge that pro-choice means a choice. By not acknowledging that a choice exists, you are a baby killer. The fact that they have used that to say I’m a flip-flopper makes me so angry.”

“I mean, for those are willing to discount me or throw me out as such a strong female voice on the right, or discount me because I don’t link up on every item on your check list? I don’t really need you,” she added. “You can disagree with me, but if you now hate me or turn your back on me because I have this position, I don’t need you.”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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