Tom Brady To Appear On The Cover Of ‘Madden NFL 18’

Ford Springer | Contributor

The greatest quarterback of all time has been selected to appear on the cover of “Madden NFL 18.”

It’s a wonder why Tom Brady has never graced the cover of the annually-released video game, but EA Sports decided to save him for a special “G.O.A.T. Edition” celebrating the five-time Super Bowl champion on this year’s cover.

“Madden” has been featuring the league’s most prolific players since 2000 after John Madden appeared on the cover for the first 12 years of the video game franchise.

Last year, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski appeared on the cover. This year his quarterback will be stamped on the front of the video game, marking the first time in “Madden” history that teammates have been on the cover in back-to-back years.

Many players that have been featured on the cover have coincidentally either gone through a slump or suffered injuries during that season — so much so that it’s referred to as the “Madden curse.”

Brady probably didn’t even give it a second thought, though, because he’s already proved that nothing can stand between him and the Lombardi Trophy.

Ford Springer



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