Sara Underwood’s Hitchhiking Outfit Is Literally Non-Existent

David Hookstead | Reporter

Sara Underwood recently revealed that her favorite way to hitchhike across America is in the nude.

The superstar model and Instagram personality posted a photo of herself not wearing a single piece of clothing while hitchhiking on the side of the road. She captioned the photo, “Would you give me a ride?” (SLIDESHOW: 72 Times Sara Underwood Went Topless)

Her fans apparently are more than willing to offer her a ride because the insane photo has gained almost 200,000 likes since it went up on Instagram. (SLIDESHOW: THIS BLONDE BOMBSHELL MIGHT BE THE HOTTEST MODEL ON INSTAGRAM)

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Traveling around the country and not wearing very much clothing are both right up Underwood’s wheelhouse. Her Instagram account pushes the limits on nearly a daily basis, and she’s made it crystal clear she prefers to do her traveling in as little clothing as possible.

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David Hookstead



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