LAX Just Opened A $22 Million Luxury Airport For High-Profile Fliers

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Los Angeles International Airport just opened a private, luxury terminal to accommodate the countless high-profile celebrities and other wealthy individuals coming to and from the City of Angels.

LAX hired a security consulting firm in order to build the $22 million terminal deemed The Private Suite, Page Six reports.


The private facility opened on Monday. It offers travelers an exclusive entrance, one-on-one security screening and luxurious lounges to keep fliers comfortable before they board their flight. In addition to that, when it comes time to board, Private Suite members will hop in an escort car that takes them onto the tarmac and directly to their plane.

The brand new terminal is expected to be used by Hollywood stars who want to avoid the hassle of the paparazzi, but is available to anyone — so long as you’re willing to pay up to $3,500 to fly domestic and $4,000 for international flights, according to Page Six. The Private Suite is also offering manual memberships for the frequent fliers.

Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick jet out of LAX airport in Los Angeles. (Photo: Splash News)

(Photo: Splash News)

The security consulting firm that built the multi-million dollar facility expects it to generate $35 million in revenue for LAX over the course of the next nine years.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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