Everything About This Kardashian Conversation About Surrogacy Is Uncomfortable

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Kris Jenner offered to be a surrogate for Kim Kardashian’s third child Sunday on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

The 61-year-old reality television star promised her daughter she “would do it in two seconds” if it was safe after she shared news that she was already cleared by a physician to carry a baby at her age. (RELATED: Kim Kardashian Joins Elite Club With 100 Million Instagram Followers [SLIDESHOW])


“Do you want to carry mine?” Kim Kardashian asked her mom after hearing the surprising news. (RELATED: Kim Kardashian And Kanye Trying To Have Another Baby)

“If I really thought that I could carry it for you and it would be born OK, I would do it in two seconds,” Jenner responded. “I really would. But it’s really dangerous.”

“I already offered myself,” sister Kourtney Kardashian interjected. “So, don’t act like you’re the only Mother Theresa in here!”

Apparently a couple had reached out to Jenner about buying her eggs because of her “successful and outstanding offspring.”

“Do you know how old my egg would be?” Jenner explained. “I mean, I do have amazing DNA and make amazing children.”

“It’s definitely a compliment that somebody wants to purchase your eggs, but she’s 61,” Kourtney later explained. “I don’t think she has any eggs. That is absolutely ridiculous.”

Recently, Kim Kardashian shared the heartbreaking news that she and Kanye West wanted to grow their family, but that she would have to seek out a surrogate after discovering she would be unable to carry a baby to term.

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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