Spike Lee On Trump: ‘He’s Not My President’

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Spike Lee declared that President Donald Trump is “not my president” at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival Sunday.

Spike Lee endorses Bernie Sanders

(Photo: Reuters)

“No one is above being criticized,” Lee explained. “Especially in the White House. He not my president.” (RELATED: Morgan Freeman Narrates New Ad For Hillary Clinton)

“I call him Agent Orange,” he added. “There was some clip I saw yesterday of him dancing with the Saudis that was just ludicrous. Not only is he not a good president, he can’t dance either.”

“He could be impeached on his rhythm,” he continued. “He’s the clown with the nuclear codes.”

The Bernie Sanders supporter also refused to answer the question when the outlet asked him if he ever came over to the Hillary Clinton side.

“Have you read the book ‘Shattered’?” Lee answered. “Great book. Hillary comes with entitlement.”

“They thought they were entitled to this and despite what you might think, you gotta work,” he added. “If you’re chilling at Martha’s Vineyard, and think ‘It’s a done deal.’ But it wasn’t.”

“There’s one thing you can learn from sports,” he continued. “To quote Yogi Bear: ‘It ain’t over ’til it’s over.’ They thought it was theirs. Shit don’t work like that.”

When the reporter pressed him further if he eventually voted for Clinton, he said once again, “Shit don’t work like that.”

Katie Jerkovich



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