The Hottest Women Of The Israeli Defense Force [SLIDESHOW]

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

The Israeli Defense Force is known around the world for their soldiers — most specifically those of the female gender.

The women of Israel are required to serve in the military and pride themselves on their equal rights to fight for their country. While their determination to bear arms in the name of their homeland is admirable, so too is their physical appearance.


(Photo credit: Shutterstock)

In fact, the women of the IDF are so good looking they have an Instagram account dedicated to the brave ladies of the force. “Hot Israeli Army Girls” celebrates all of the beautiful women of the IDF and has acquired an impressive audience of nearly 120,000 followers on the social media site.

While there’s no way to tell if these women are active in the IDF, they look pretty legit to us.

Donald Trump and the first lady are currently visiting Israel on their first foreign trip as a couple since Trump took the oath of office. (SLIDESHOW: ‘Hot Israeli Army Girls’ Might Be The Greatest Account On Instagram)

President Trump has always been a strong supporter of our military. Certainly he would appreciate the dedication that these brave women have for the safety of their own nation.


Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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