Orlando Bloom Apologizes To The Waitress Who Was Fired For Sleeping With Him

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Orlando Bloom has reportedly apologized to the 21-year-old hotel waitress who was fired from her job after spending the night with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star.

Bloom learned that Viviana Ross had been fired after multiple reports from celebrity gossip sites. Upon hearing that he was partly responsible for her termination, the 40-year-old actor tracked down her phone number and called to apologize, British gossip siteĀ The Sun reports.

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Bloom was visiting London to promote his new movie “Unlocked.” He was staying at the Chiltern Firehouse restaurant and hotel for several days during which Ross served him drinks and the two made a connection. (RELATED: Hotel Waitress Reportedly Fired After Spending The Night With Orlando Bloom)

After her shift ended one night the actor invited her up to his hotel suite for a drink where she reportedly stayed the night. Bloom got up early for an interview the following morning and left Ross behind in his bed. A hotel manager reportedly found Ross in the bed later that morning and she was promptly fired for “fraternizing with clients,” according the report by the British tabloid.

Although Bloom and Ross didn’t exchange numbers that evening (or the morning after), the actor got her number from the Chiltern Firehouse and “called to make sure that Viviana was okay,” according to a source.

“He is a gentleman and he genuinely had no idea what had happened after he left,” the source said. He just called to say, “I am sorry about what happened.”

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A post shared by Viviana Ross (@iamvivianaross) on

A post shared by Viviana Ross (@iamvivianaross) on

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