Shia LaBeouf Sued For $5 Million After Blowing Up On A Bartender

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

A bartender who Shia LaBeouf verbally attacked in early April is now coming back at the actor to the tune of a $5 million dollar lawsuit, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 30-year-0ld actor was kicked out of a bowling alley bar in Los Angeles last month after shouting obscenities at a bartender and calling him a “fucking racist bitch” after he refused to serve LaBeouf.

The bartender, now known to be David Bernstein, is suing the “Man Down” actor for assault and defamation. Bernstein claims LaBeouf was visibly intoxicated when he refused to serve him a drink causing the actor to completely fly off the handle.

Most of the altercation was captured in a video obtained by TMZ.

“[LaBeouf] yelled at plaintiff and appeared ready to physically confront him after plaintiff refused to serve him a drink because [LaBeouf] appeared to be intoxicated,” Bernstein’s lawyer said in a statement.

Bernstein “experienced significant emotional distress, anxiety and fear” after the early April incident, according to the suit obtained by THR.

LaBeouf’s legal team has since dismissed the claims, telling People the lawsuit is “baseless.”

“The statements attributed to Shia forming the basis of the action do not remotely constitute ‘defamation,'” LaBeouf’s attorney said. “The case is little more than an effort to harass our client. We will [vigorously] defend and seek dismissal of this frivolous action and will seek recovery of all attorneys fees and costs from the plaintiff.”

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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