ESPN Accused Of Photoshopping Tiger Woods’ Mugshot For Broadcast

Ford Springer | Contributor

ESPN is being accused of photoshopping Tiger Woods’ mugshot after his arrest on suspicion of DUI early Monday morning.

The unflattering booking photo shows Woods, unshaven with bags under his eyes and his hair all awry at the crown of his head. However, the photo that ESPN used while discussing his arrest during its broadcast on Monday was clearly not the same.

Many reports are accusing the sports network of altering the photo to make Woods appear better on the broadcast, but it could have just been a poor crop job.

The most notable contrast between the two photos is the appearance of the 41-year-old golfer’s hair, which is messy and disheveled in the true mugshot but appears tidy and clean in ESPN’s photo.

Whether ESPN meant to alter the photo in order to make Woods look better or simply sought to make the visual better is not known, but there was no shortage of people who noticed the obvious difference between the actual photo and the one they used on air.

Bad look for Tiger followed by a bad look for ESPN.

Ford Springer



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