Modern Family’ Star Poses In A Bikini While Blasting Trump: Women Are ‘Being Objectified’

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Ariel Winter posed in a bikini for her latest magazine shoot while claiming that women were “being objectified” by President Donald Trump.

“Our leadership is really anti-women right now,” the 19-year-old “Modern Family” star explained in her Refinery29 profile out Wednesday. (RELATED: Ariel Winter Defends Her Revealing Instagram Photos [VIDEO])

(Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Splash News

(Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Splash News

“Thanks to Donald Trump, we’re being objectified and made to feel bad about ourselves, so I think it’s really important for women to stick together and do the opposite of that; to let their bodies be seen and be heard, and to empower each other; to remind each other that what they look like is not the only thing that’s important when it comes to who they are,” she added. (RELATED: Ariel Winter Shares Racy Photo [PHOTOS])

The comment was part of a larger piece about how Winter wanted people to embrace their beach body, no matter what they look like. Several snaps from the shoot were shared Wednesday on Instagram by both Winter and other people that worked on the shoot where she sported a variety of one piece swimsuits and bikinis.

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“I’ve learned to not care about that [what people say] as much. I’m comfortable in a bathing suit, scars and all,” the “Modern Family” star said.


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Later in the day, Winter accused media outlets of not focusing on the main part of her interview and only on what she said about Trump and her boyfriend.

“Y’all I love you but PLEASE pay attention and post my REAL point from my @refinery29 interview!!! Not that I’m ‘defending living with my 29 year old boyfriend’ or that I’m ‘firing back at Trump’ because first of all I don’t need to defend anything I’m super happy and in love, and I’m not firing at anyone just sharing an opinion after being ASKED,” Winter wrote in the caption next to the post.

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Ariel Winter (Photo: Splash News)

(Photo: Splash News)

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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