Clay Travis: NHL Playoffs Much More Impressive Than The NBA

David Hookstead | Contributor

Fox Sports radio host and “Outkick the Coverage” founder Clay Travis took some shots at the NBA playoffs in comparison to the NHL.

“Now look, the NBA playoffs drastically outdraw the NHL playoffs. A lot more people watched game two of the Warriors/Cavs, and we spent three hours on that game yesterday because huge audiences watch it, but it doesn’t mean the sport is better,” Travis said Tuesday morning on his hit radio show.

He also added, “How is the sport where anything can happen, where anybody can win, where any goalie can get hot, not infinitely superior to what the NBA has to offer?


The Golden State Warriors have smacked around the Cleveland Cavaliers through the first two games of the NBA Finals.

However, the Nashville Predators and Pittsburgh Penguins are currently locked into a brutal tied 2-2 series after four games. While the NBA Finals have failed to provide much entertainment or suspense, the NHL playoffs haven’t failed to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

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David Hookstead



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