Elle Johnson Reveals Who She’s Supporting In The NBA Finals

David Hookstead | Reporter

Some might advise getting off of a sinking ship, but model Elle Johnson is all in on the Cleveland Cavaliers despite being down three games to the Golden State Warriors.

Johnson posted a photo of herself standing in front of a Cavaliers logo with the caption, “#DefendTheLand? How about defend the #Durant, the #Curry and the #Thompson?! Go #Cavs! Get back in the #NBAFinals! #NBA #LeBron rules!” (SLIDESHOW: 47 Times Elle Johnson Went Topless)

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The Cavaliers were blown out in the first two games before letting game three slip away. One more loss and the Warriors will win their second championship in three years, and it’s very possible it could all be over by the weekend.

It doesn’t look like Johnson will be able to save this sinking ship. My advice, get in a life boat and drop off of the Titanic that is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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A post shared by Elle Johnson (@3ll3jaye) on

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