Kevin Durant Is Really Good At Basketball — Not So Great At Chugging Beer

David Hookstead | Contributor

Golden State Warriors megastar Kevin Durant might be a wizard on the basketball court, but he is lacking some serious skill when it comes to his beer drinking.

A video has been circulating the internet of Durant doing his best to smash some cold ones with his teams after the Warriors’ dominating victory in the NBA Finals over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, it wasn’t smooth sailing for the University of Texas product. Durant did his best to start chugging down a beer during the celebration, and then almost immediately spit it all out.

As one Twitter user noted, “Kevin Durant does not like beer.”


It looks like Durant should remained focused on getting another championship for the Warriors, and a lot less on drinking cold brews with his buddies because that was a pathetic performance.

Good thing he makes his millions on court shooting a basketball and not by drinking beer.

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David Hookstead



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