Miley Cyrus Surprises Fans With Rockefeller Center Subway Performance

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon went undercover beneath the streets of New York City on Wednesday to surprise some lucky subway riders.

She and Fallon performed Dolly Parton’s classic 1973 song “Jolene” for the “Tonight Show” bit and it was a hit for the New Yorkers who were lucky enough to be passing by.

The pop singer and talk show host disguised themselves with wigs and cowboy hats to keep a low-profile at the Rockefeller Center subway station, but once Cyrus started singing everyone took notice. By the time the duo finished the song the fans gathered around had already picked up on who it was.

“This is my first time at this subway station, so this is exciting s**t for me,” Cyrus said, revealing her identity to the crowd. She and Fallon then performed Miley’s hit song “Party in the U.S.A.” to keep the crowd entertained.

“I will always remember it. I don’t think it’s like anyone else’s first time. I don’t get a lot of first times anymore,” Cyrus said on the show. “I’ve been every kind of crazy mascot. I’ve done a lot of crazy things, as everyone knows. That wasn’t the craziest thing I’ve ever done–even a little bit–but it was definitely memorable.”

Surely it was a memorable commute for the New Yorkers who happened to be passing through Rockefeller Center too.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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