Gwen Stefani Shows Her Love For Blake Shelton On His Birthday

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

While Sunday was Father’s Day, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had something else to celebrate too. The country singer turned 41 years old yesterday and spent his day celebrating with his family and his girlfriend.

Stefani shared several special moments from the celebration on social media, letting the couple’s fans in on the fun and bragged about having Shelton all to herself in one of the candid photos. (RELATED: Blake Shelton Gushes About His Relationship With Gwen Stefani)

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“I get to kiss on the birthday boy,” she captioned the post.

Although it was Blake’s birthday, the country star also took some time to celebrate his father during his low-key party, giving his old man a kiss in another photo that Stefani posted.

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Finally the 47-year-old singer shared one last photo of Shelton’s birthday cake, which was made to look like an armadillo.

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Hopefully for everyone’s sake it tasted better than it looks.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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