Johnny Manziel’s Fiancee Is On A Never-Ending Vacation [SLIDESHOW]

Jake Rennie | Contributor

Bre Tiesi seems to be enjoying her never-ending vacation.

In addition to being engaged to aspiring NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel, Tiesi is an accomplished Instagram model and MTV reality star. She has also been known to help out with various charitable fundraisers during the holidays.

Tiesi is playing an integral role in Manziel’s NFL (or CFL?) comeback. She posted an Instagram video of Manziel lifting her up, captioning the post “Trying to get bae back on track” as Johnny runs up a hill.

It seems clear that Tiesi has been a good influence on the NFL dropout, though according to her Instagram account, she has a rampant vacation schedule during which she has frequently been seen participating in activities Johnny has been trying to avoid in pursuit of an NFL comeback.

It’s also clear is that Bre Tiesi looks phenomenal in a bikini, and the photos in this slideshow are all the proof you need of that.


Jake Rennie



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