Watch President Trump Zip Around A Golf Course Green In His Cart

David Hookstead | Contributor

A video is circulating around the web showing President Donald Trump breaking from the customs of golf, and driving his cart on the green at his Bedminster course.

The video appears to have been originally posted Wednesday by Twitter user Mike Frank, but it picked up an incredible amount steam Thursday.

“Trump driving on green at Bedminster..’playing well till this hole’ *knucks*,” Frank wrote for his caption on the video of Trump.

The real estate mogul flies in his cart over to Frank for a quick chat, and the Secret Service immediately followed in pursuit to protect the President.

“Best security in the history of golf,” Trump told Frank shortly before driving away with his security detail right behind him.

Trump didn’t win the election by following the norms and rules placed upon him, so it might be the least shocking development ever that he is flying around in a golf cart in places maybe he shouldn’t be.

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David Hookstead



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