Heidi Klum Is 44, But Here Are 22 Photos Of Her Looking Half Her Age [SLIDESHOW]

Ian Henderson | Contributor

At the age of 44, German-American supermodel Heidi Klum continues to defy the laws of aging. Check out these photos to see for yourself.

The German-American model Heidi Klum has endured a highly successful career in the modeling business, becoming one of the most recognizable and famous models to ever strut down the runway. A beauty by any standard, she has been able to maintain a lucrative career for decades, leaving a lasting legacy on the world of fashion. (RELATED: Heidi Klum Makes A Surprise Appearance In The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue)

What sets her apart from other models of a similar caliber is her ability to maintain her trademark looks and elegance over the years. Even at the age of 44, she is still, without question, considered a supermodel by all. She continues to maintain her classic looks and personal image flawlessly, and this slideshow is a tribute to the many, many times she has looked dazzling in the public eye. Enjoy it.


Ian Henderson



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