FLASHBACK: Billie Jean King Says Serena Williams Can’t Compete With Men

David Hookstead | Reporter

Tennis legend Billie Jean King once echoed similar thoughts to that of John McEnroe about Serena Williams.

In August 2016, King, who famously defeated Bobby Riggs in a tennis match dubbed the “Battle of the Sexes,” was approached by TMZ Sports and asked if Serena could compete with her male counterparts.

“No, not the top ones. No,” King responded when asked by TMZ if she could beat men.

She further explained it would “depend on how low you go” down the rankings before finding a man that Williams would be able to beat, but she made it clear she wouldn’t have a chance against the elite players.


McEnroe caused some substantial outrage among when he claimed the Williams is the greatest female tennis player to ever live, but would only be ranked around 700 in the men’s rankings for tennis.

So there are now two of the greatest players in the history of the sport on record saying similar things about Williams chances against men.

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David Hookstead



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