Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Kate Bock Says ‘Everyone Has An Insecurity’

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Kate Bock has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the past four years, but she still has insecurities like everyone else.

Kate Bock rocked her red suit. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated)

(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated)

“You can always see in another girl something that you wish you had, and I even find it funny,” Bock told Ocean Drive in an interview published Wednesday.

“I have model friends and I’ll see them in a certain way, and I’ve always though like, ‘Oh, she’s so lucky, she has the most amazing, longest legs or the most beautiful eyes’ or whatever it is,” she explained. “And then you end up talking to them and they see something in you. It doesn’t matter who you are; everyone has an insecurity or something they wish was better.”

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Like many girls, Bock admired all of the models featured in the magazines when she was younger and also gawked at the beautiful places they traveled for their photo shoots.

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“I looked at Sports Illustrated and I still remember thinking they were so beautiful and they got to go to all these exotic places and do Maybelline ads. I remember thinking they were all so glamorous and amazing.”

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Even though the beautiful blonde is now one of those figures to young girls, she said her friends don’t see her that way.

“Sometimes now, when my good friends look at a picture they’re like, ‘I can’t picture you doing that. It looks good and you look great, but not like the person that I know or grew up with,'” Bock explained. “You just kind of slowly, but surely get more comfortable. By now it’s just second nature, but I did not grow up wearing bikinis and practicing any of these poses.”

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