The Best-Looking Wives And Girlfriends Of NASCAR [SLIDESHOW]

George Congdon | Contributor

These are some of the hottest wives and girlfriends of the fastest drivers in the world.

Americans have a ton of reasons why they love NASCAR, and it’s not just because of the barbecues and beer at the tailgate. The fast-paced action, the cool race tracks, the suspense, and the drivers all give the sport wide-ranging appeal. These are just some of the reasons behind why NASCAR gets so many viewers year after year. Now we’re going to give you one more reason to love watching.

The wives and girlfriends of NASCAR drivers are just as awesome as watching the cars speed around the track. From Jeff Gordon’s Belgian model wife Ingrid Vandebosch to country star Katie Kenneth, wife of Winston NASCAR Series champion Matt Kenseth, every WAG on this list is impressive.

Oh, and there may be a picture or two of Danica Patrick thrown in there, because why not?


George Congdon



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