Chucky Returns In Terrifying Trailer For ‘Cult Of Chucky’

David Hookstead | Contributor

Killer doll Chucky is about to be back on the big screen.

The first trailer for the upcoming “Cult of Chucky” was released early Friday, and the trailer makes it appear the infamous horror character will pick up right where he left off.

The plot of the film, according to IMDB, is, “Chucky returns to terrorize his human victim, Nica. Meanwhile, the killer doll has some scores to settle with his old enemies, with the help of his former wife.”

The 101-seconds trailer is truly horrifying, while exciting for fans of the horror genre. Just don’t watch it shortly before turning the lights out before going to sleep.


The film stars Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif and Fiona Dourif. It is scheduled to be released October 20.

“Cult of Chucky” will be the seventh film in the series. The first film starring Chucky as a murderous doll was “Child’s Play,” which was released in 1988.

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David Hookstead



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