Robbing Ronda Rousey’s House Seems Like A Quick Way To Get Killed

David Hookstead | Reporter

Ronda Rousey revealed Wednesday morning during an appearance on “Live with Kelly & Ryan” that she was a victim of a massive robbery.

Rousey, who was not home at the time of the invasion, revealed details of the robbery, and it sounded like the criminals made out pretty great after knocking over her house.

“We realized we were robbed. Somebody had been squatting in my house for, like, three days. Sleeping in my bed. Stole my Olympic rings, guns, stole all my precious jewelry, every head phone in the house, credit card. (SLIDESHOW: These Ronda Rousey Photos Are The Greatest Thing On The Internet)

She also revealed that the criminals were soon caught, so the long-term damage appears to be minimal.


Robbing Rousey or her house seems like the definition of a death wish. The woman has made millions of dollars for her skills in the octagon and for being able to destroy people. She might not be the UFC champion she once was, but testing her skills as a robber is remarkably stupid.

You play stupid games and you will win stupid prizes. The criminals should consider themselves incredibly lucky she wasn’t home.

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David Hookstead



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