WATCH: Floyd Mayweather’s Father Gives Incoherent Interview About Upcoming Match

David Hookstead | Contributor

Floyd Mayweather Sr. recently gave an interview about his son’s upcoming fight with Conor McGregor, and it was strange to say the least.

Mayweather Sr. was rambling at times about “presents” he had for UFC star McGregor, in the interview posted Thursday morning by TMZ Sports. The woman he is speaking to is Helen Yee of Helen Yee Sports.

However, some portions of the interview were audible and understandable, and it’s clear that Floyd’s father is very confident in his son’s abilities to light up his Irish-born opponent.

“If Floyd stops him or not — it doesn’t make a difference for me. As long as Floyd beats the hell out of him. And that’s what I believe is gonna happen,” Mayweather Sr. told TMZ Sports.

He also added that McGregor will get “whooped” and and his son will “touch him up.”


You know the hype game is really getting ratcheted up when a fighter’s father is now getting involved and taking shots.

McGregor and Mayweather will face off August 26 in Las Vegas. The fight could set pay-per-view records.

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David Hookstead



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