Billie Lourd And Taylor Lautner Split

Amelia Hamilton | Contributor

It’s splitsville for actress Billie Lourd and actor Taylor Lautner, who dated for eight months.

Sources tell People Magazine “They aren’t together anymore but they are still friendly. She’s really focused on her work right now.”

Lourd, 24, the daughter of Carrie Fisher and granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds, began dating Lautner, 25, and the duo went public shortly before Lord lost both famous relatives in December.

“Taylor has been at Billie’s house every day, taking care of her. He’s by her side constantly, trying to help her through this,” an insider told Us Weekly at the time. “He has been trying to figure out the best way to help her cope during this difficult time.”

Lord is set to appear in the next season of “American Horror Story,” which will be about the 2016 election. Lautner is best known for playing werewolf Jacob in the Twilight movie series (I remain #TeamJacob). The actors worked together and started dating on the television show “Scream Queens.”

Those watching their social media accounts closely might have sensed that there was trouble in paradise. The most recent post of the two of them was back on May 24 with Lautner captioning the photo “Feelin lucky every day” and using the hashtag #beyondblessed.

Amelia Hamilton



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