In Honor Of Caroline Wozniacki’s 27th Birthday, Here Are 27 Times She Aced The Red Carpet [SLIDESHOW]

Hannah Simmons | Reporter

Caroline Wozniacki is turning 27 Tuesday and has already won 29 titles as a singles player. Wozniacki is still looking to earn a grand slam title as she enters week two of Wimbledon.

She also held the No. 1 ranking on the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) from February 2011 until January 2012. Wozniacki is currently dating NBA player David Lee, who won a title when he played with the Warriors during the 2014-2015 season. Lee now plays for the San Antonio Spurs and has been spotted at Wimbledon supporting his girlfriend.

Wozniacki has also added marathon runner to her already impressive resume. In November 2014 she ran the New York City Marathon in under four hours after she claimed her training was not that extensive. Maybe running back and forth on the court for more than half her life contributed to her speedy time.

In honor of her birthday, these are just a few times she aced the red carpet.


Hannah Simmons



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