We’re Obsessed With Alexis Ren’s Cover Debut, And You Should Be Too [SLIDESHOW]

Amanda Tidwell | Contributor

It’s been a long time coming, but Instababe Alexis Ren just landed her first cover with Maxim magazine. Ren, a 20-year-old model with an army of social media followers (9.4 million and counting), believes that it’s her confidence and sex appeal that her followers gravitate toward.

In an interview with Maxim Magazine, Ren believes that “Confidence is what people tend to gravitate toward, and also, obviously, sex. I don’t consider that a bad thing, though. If a woman likes to post about her body, that doesn’t make her a slut, desperate, or dumb. It still blows my mind we are stuck in that perception of womanhood. It’s 2017. Come on, people!”

Ren is deemed the vanguard of a tribe of genetically blessed social media influencers with her Bambi eyes and 23-inch waist.

Her Maxim cover hits stands July 18, and we’re definitely picking it up on the way to the office. As if you needed anymore convincing, here are some of Ren’s hottest Instagram pictures to entice you before you pick up her cover debut.


Amanda Tidwell



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