Why You’ll Be Glad Barbells Aren’t Just For The Boys Anymore [SLIDESHOW]

Amanda Tidwell | Contributor

The big butt trend was birthed after Nicki Minaj’s famous “Anaconda” music video came out. Whether or not Nicki’s backside is real is still up for debate. However, these fitness models’ butts are real and they were built by barbells, not Brazilian butt lifts.

There are a plethora of misconceptions involving females training with intensity in the gym and strength training in general. The “lifting will make you bulky” myth has been debunked time and time again. Yet, so many females remain slaves to various forms of cardio.

These fit women are all testaments to how proper nutrition and strength training can build those perfect glutes so many women long for and men are infatuated with. Although most of these ladies compete in the professional arena of bikini bodybuilding, Katy Hearn, Tammy Hembrow and Robin Gallant are proof that you don’t have to be a bikini competitor to have a nice rump.

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Amanda Tidwell



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