Here Is Video Proof Kim Kardashian Is An Idiot

David Hookstead | Reporter

Kim Kardashian made it crystal clear late Tuesday night that she’s not the brightest bulb in the pack.

Most people are smart enough to recognize what marble is, whether it’s a marble floor, staircase or table. You know who apparently has no idea what marble is? Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian, who got famous for performing sexual acts on camera, posted a video of herself on Twitter explaining how she thought the white marble in her table was sugar that wouldn’t go away.

That’s right, ladies and gentleman. A woman who flaunts her supposed wealth on every platform of social media apparently hasn’t spent enough time around marble to recognize it.


America has made some mistakes throughout our history, but frankly, making Kim Kardashian famous might be one of the most regrettable decisions in recent memory. What talent does she have? Again, she got famous because she laid on a bed as a rapper filmed himself having sex with her, and yet we don’t make every woman with a sex tape famous.

Why don’t we make people famous simply because they have a sex tape? The answer is really simple: being able to have sex on camera doesn’t equate to having any tangible skills that advance society.

Kardashian, who somehow wasn’t able to put together a competent security detail before that Paris robbery, is famous, but doesn’t even know what marble is. Now, I’m not claiming to be some high class individual. I’m a simple man, and I’ve never pretended to be anything other than a guy who loves football, guns, beer, the outdoors and the company of attractive women. And yet, I am somehow not dumb enough to mistake marble tables for sugar.

I hope you’re happy, America. We made this bed, and now we get to sleep in it.

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David Hookstead



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