Shoutout To The Model Who Got Arrested While Being Naked And Belligerent

David Hookstead | Reporter

America might have a new hero on the wall of shame for models.

Instagram model Brissa Dominguez was recently arrested while in Clearwater, Florida, and the details are absolutely electric.

The Smoking Gun wrote the following in part:

When Officer Richard Edmonds arrived at the hotel, he “found the defendant to be nude.” After Edmonds handed Dominguez a towel “to cover herself,” she “used said towel to strike me in the face by swinging it in a whipping motion.”

As Edmonds and other cops sought to arrest Dominguez for trespassing, she kicked three patrolmen and “attempted to bite and spit on” one officer. Edmonds was on the receiving end of a “mule kick” that the 5′ 4″, 130-pound Dominguez reportedly executed as cops tried to “effect an arrest during difficult circumstances.”

She was ultimately hit with several charges, including trespassing and felony resisting and battery of an officer. (SLIDESHOW: 72 Times Sara Underwood Went Topless)

This is one of the greatest stories about an Instagram model I’ve ever read. So many incredible details can’t be overlooked. First, she was completely naked when officers arrived on the scene. Most models make a living by showing as much as they can without giving away the whole thing. That’s clearly amateur hour in Dominguez’s mind because she just runs around hotels naked.

Then the kind police officer offers a towel to cover up, and instead she decides it’s best to use the towel as a weapon. That’s similar to the ingenuity shown by Jason Bourne in the first film when he used a random pen in a fight to kill somebody. Are towels and pens supposed to be weapons? Of course not, but Dominguez clearly couldn’t care less. (SLIDESHOW: 30 Times Abigail Ratchford Went Topless)

Finally, and most importantly, her posting on Instagram hasn’t slowed down at all. That’s truly heroic. Most people take it easy after having the cuffs slapped on them. They shy away from attention and try to learn from their mistakes. That’s probably the smart decision, and yet I’m over here on a couch writing this article, drinking an ice cold Mountain Dew and clapping my hands in honor of her actions. You can’t let the haters slow you down, even if they carry a badge and a gun.

Have fun in court, though. I hear Florida’s judicial system is very sympathetic and understanding.

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