Worst Looks From The 2000s That Should Never Make A Comeback [SLIDESHOW]

Meghan Marsh | Contributor

Rumor has it frosted tips are cool again. While it’s true many popular trends are making a comeback such as men’s 5.5 inch inseam shorts, women’s one-piece swimsuits and choker necklaces, we need to address what trends absolutely cannot make a comeback.

Conveniently, most of the worst looks occurred in the same timeframe: the 2000s. How did anyone think tube tops, lace-up low-rise pants, and all jean everything looked good? At no other point was it acceptable to wear a velvet tracksuit to a movie premiere. The especially cool celebrities wore slightly tinted “sunglasses” to let others know they were cooler than everyone else but didn’t care about UV ray protection.

While halter tops could make a comeback without the world ending, gauchos, paperboy hats and Uggs with mini-skirts would definitely cause some major catastrophes — maybe even contribute to global warming.

Needless to say, the 2000s were an all-time low for fashion history. Make yourself feel better about your taste today with a compilation of photos of the worst looks ever.


Meghan Marsh



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