The Shirt Nina Agdal Wears In This Sports Illustrated Video Is Ridiculous

David Hookstead | Reporter

Nina Agdal’s shirt in a recently released Sports Illustrated video is downright laughable.

The shirt, which is featured in the video “Nina Agdal’s Vajazzle Leaves Nothing To The Imagination,” promotes what is surely supposed to be a positive message. (SLIDESHOW: 72 Times Sara Underwood Went Topless)

“A woman does not have to be modest in order to be respected,” Agdal’s shirt read shortly before she lost it, and got practically completely naked for her SI photoshoot. (SLIDESHOW: 30 Times Abigail Ratchford Went Topless)


I’m not a hater in the least bit. In fact, I am on a crusade against those ridiculious losers. However, if you wore a shirt that reads, “A woman does not have to be modest in order to be respected” moments before getting naked you’re just looking to send a pointless message.

Nobody is bashing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. It’s one of the most popular magazines on the planet, so why exactly is she trying to shift the narrative like she’s an oppressed victim?

Agdal should stick to what she does best. Lose the cliche shirts and stick to the photoshoots. That’s her bread and butter.

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David Hookstead



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