John Daly Hits Hits Back At Sports Writer Who Criticized His White House Visit

David Hookstead | Contributor

Infamous golfer John Daly didn’t hesitate to hit back against sports Rick Reilly when he criticized his recent visit to the White House.

Daly visited President Trump in the Oval Office a couple days ago, and apparently Reilly wasn’t a huge fan of the trip. He called out Daly over Twitter for his attire in the Oval Office and for his less than perfect spelling in Daly’s tweet with Trump.

Daly responded with, “a) At least I got invited to the White House b) You never will c) As for the spelling..who cares! d) Shirt is one of my sponsors Loudmouth.”

Clearly Reilly isn’t a fan of Daly, or else he’d understand the antics and fashion choices of the polarizing golfer.

This appears to be nothing more than Reilly being jealous. It doesn’t matter who the president is, if they call you and want you to visit the Oval Office, you would be a fool to pass it up. Perhaps Reilly has just gotten tired of all the winning of the Trump administration.

Either way, Daly’s shirt was pure electricity.

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David Hookstead



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