Crushing A Golf Ball Off Of A Beer Can Is Probably A Lot Harder Than It Looks

David Hookstead | Contributor

People in America love golf and they love their beer, so¬†golfer McKenzie O’Connell combined the two over the weekend.

O’Connell somehow managed to absolutely murder a ball that was resting on a beer can while also being on her knees.


I’m not a golf expert by any measure. I enjoy golf, but you can count on me to shoot well over par. However, I’m pretty confident when I say that shot should be a lot harder than O’Connell made it look.

Most people would not successfully pull that off if they were given a hundred chances. Incredibly impressive.

Also, she took a shot from a tee in-between some dude’s toes.

You couldn’t pay me enough money to let anybody try that with me. Extremely risky business to be that guy.

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