NFL Executives Remain ‘Fascinated’ With Johnny Manziel

David Hookstead | Contributor

Johnny Manziel’s return to the NFL might be much closer than people realize, according to a recent report.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman posted an article Wednesday claiming some team executives remain “fascinated” with the electric dual-threat quarterback.

He wrote in part:

However, some personnel men remain fascinated with Manziel. They see that college tape and fall into the eternal trap of thinking they can fix him, and that’s what I’ve been told is going on in some front offices right now.

Though Manziel remains radioactive around much of the league, I’ve also been told it would not be stunning for a team to bring him in for a training camp look.

It seems like it’s all coming together for Johnny Football, and it’s hardly the least surprising thing. Most athletes with off-the-field problems that flame out do so, not because of their problems, but because they never get help or always find excuses.

To Manziel’s credit, he has owned up to his mistakes in the past. He has also remained clean for an extremely long time.

The Texas A&M Heisman winner coming into the league before the start of the season, and wrecking it might be the most Johnny Football thing to ever happen.

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