Rosie O’Donnell Slammed After Promoting ‘Push Trump Off Cliff Again’ Game

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Rosie O’Donnell got slammed for promoting a “gross” and “sick” game that encourages people to push President Donald Trump “off a cliff.”

“GROSS: Rosie O’Donnell Shares Sick Online Anti-Trump Game,” a headline on Sean Hannity’s blog read Tuesday.

The 55-year-old comedian sent a tweet Saturday telling people to “vent your frustration with the president” by playing “Push Trump off a Cliff Again” game, with a link to the site. (RELATED: Kathy Griffin Losing More Work Over Gruesome ‘Beheaded’ Trump Photo)


The online game allows users to send the president to his death over and over again via a volcano, a manhole or Tyrannosaurus Rex.

A post about the game by Young Conservatives read, “Sadly, violence has become an acceptable form of dissent for liberals these days.”

Others reacted on Twitter to the actress saying it is fine to dislike the president, but that violence against him is just wrong.





To date the game has been played close to three million times according to the count on the site.

In May, comedian Kathy Griffin sparked outrage after a gruesome photo of her holding up a severed head of Trump surfaced. She later apologized and admitted “she went too far.”

“I am sorry. I went too far. I was wrong,” Griffin tweeted along with a video message.

Katie Jerkovich



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