ESPN Really Wants People To Believe Female Athletes Are Better Than Men

David Hookstead | Reporter

ESPN’s insanity went to a new level over the weekend in an article about soccer star Clint Dempsey over the weekend.

ESPN published an article about Dempsey tying the all-time men’s USMNT record for goals with Landon Donovan. However, they could drop that without also letting the readers know that Donovan and Dempsey don’t stack up with their female counterparts.

ESPN wrote the following in the article titled, “Clint Dempsey ties Landon Donovan’s all-time USMNT goals record”:

Abby Wambach scored 184 goals in 255 caps for the U.S. women’s national team, the most by any player — man or woman — in FIFA history. Dempsey and Donovan would be tied for 10th on the USWNT all-time scoring list.

What an absolutely outrageous tidbit to end to the end of an article. It’s like they are straight up pretending that Dempsey and Donovan would obliterate the women’s competition. Or even worse, they honestly believe they couldn’t do it.

Did you know Diana Taurasi is the leading WNBA scorer with just over 7,500 points? Pretty impressive, but that wouldn’t even come close to cracking the top-250 NBA scorers. In fact, she is around 5,000 points short of breaking into the top-250.

Interesting how ESPN points out there are women with more goals than Dempsey and Donovan, but I’ve never once seen an article about how there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of NBA players with more points than WNBA leading scorer Taurasi.

I guess ESPN doesn’t like facts when they don’t fit the “there’s no difference between the genders” or “it’s time for female empowerment” narratives. We need to end this nonsense once and for all and just have a top men’s team play a top women’s team so we never have to hear about this garbage ever again.

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