Offering Football Scholarships To Middle Schoolers Seems Like A Very Stupid Idea

David Hookstead | Reporter

There is another middle school football player making some serious noise on the internet after garnering SEC scholarship offers.

Jaheim Oats, who is 6’4″ and nearly 300 pounds, recently tweeted a photo of himself in an Alabama football uniform with the caption, “6’4 286lbs BEAST!! GOING TO 8TH GRADE 3 OFFERS IN MY 1ST 3 CAMPS!!!! OLEMISS, MISSISSIPPISTATE, AND AL REMEMBER THE NAME JAHEIM OATIS!!!!”

He also tweeted out a photo of himself with Alabama coach Nick Saban and the caption, “One of my dreams came true…. He couldnt believe I was going to the 8th grade…..”

Oatis’ recruitment has drawn the attention of many, and it’s downright stupid. There are so many variables when it comes to football. One bad hit can end a career, so it’s baffling why major programs are spending resources on a kid years away from being able to drive.

I also question why a college would recruit a kid who lacks basic grammar skills on social media. He’s about to be an eighth grader. I’d say there is an equal shot this kid never plays a down of college football as there is he suits up for a major program. Either way, recruiting kids not in high school is the height of stupidity.

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