Nina Agdal Is Getting Pretty Risky In This Photoshoot

David Hookstead | Contributor

Supermodel Nina Agdal got a little risky in photoshoot for Sports Illustrated.

A video, which is titled “Nina Agdal Risks Her Life For The Perfect Shot,” was released Tuesday of the shoot, and it’s pretty dangerous.

Agdal hangs in a net suspended dozens of feet in the air as the photographers do their best to quickly snap the photos.

SI captioned the video, “Nina Agdal takes you behind the scenes of her dangerous photoshoot in Mexico.”


I’m not a photoshoot expert, but I’m not sure there’s a shot in the world worth the risk that inherently comes with being suspended high in the air. One thing snaps and you’ll be plummeting to your death or serious injury. Regardless, I’m sure her fans are thankful.

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